New podcast with Paul Staines

I met up with Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes for a rare interview which takes us behind the scenes at Britain’s most successful political blog site. As well as the history of the site and the driving force behind it, we discuss Paul’s relationship with politics and politicians, his role in exposing the infamous ‘Red Rag’ story and a heck of a revelation about which influential individual was planning to buy the website off him and how much for… enjoy!

New podcast with Owen Bennett

I sat down with Owen Bennett, Deputy Political Editor of Huffington Post, he provides us with a first on the Political Party: a journalists perspective on politics. It’s hilarious and magical journey into the Lobby – the exclusive group of reporters who are privy to regular briefings from Downing Street. Owen reflects on the highs and lows of the job, from bantering with Prime Ministers to getting spat at in the street. Decide which you think is worse… enjoy!

New podcast with Theo Bertram

Welcome to the new Political Party weekly. In the first episode of this bold new era I am joined by Theo Bertram who worked as a Special Adviser to both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in Downing Street. Theo shares some brilliant inside stories that you won’t hear anywhere else about working at the very top of UK politics, including going ‘undercover’ to record George Osborne… which doesn’t exactly go to plan… enjoy!

Unspun is back on Dave!

I am very happy to announce Unspun is back twice a week on Dave from Sunday 28th January with a half hour show, followed by an extended content episode on a Wednesday!


Christmas special podcast with Sayeeda Warsi & Nick Clegg

For the first of this years Christmas specials at Leicester Square Theatre I sat down with former Conservative Party chair Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, to discuss their books, Cabinet rows, Christmas and why Sayeeda definitely wasn’t part of an Islamist sleeper cell…enjoy!

New podcast with Jacqui Smith

I sat down with former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith who discussed what it’s like taking protection to an Aston Villa game, the realities of Cabinet meetings, the pressures of being Home Secretary and why politicians shouldn’t work with cats… enjoy!

New podcast with Clive Lewis

I interviewed Labour MP Clive Lewis, he has a fascinating life story having served in Afghanistan and worked in the BBC, elected in 2015 he has risen to prominance very quickly. An extremely insciteful interview into the life of an MP working in the current turbulent political climate. Enjoy.